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Research Europe

Horizon 2020 and the future of European research

Thursday, 21st June 2012
International Auditorium, Brussels

Horizon 2020 and the future of European research

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After years of anticipation, the Commission’s proposal for Horizon 2020, the follow-up to Framework 7, is finally out. This document will define the direction, scope and financing of research in Europe for the next decade. However, the controversies are already starting. Should the EU fund basic research or innovation? Can innovation be stimulated effectively with EU funds? How can the funding process be simple for applicants, yet accountable to taxpayers? And will Horizon 2020 help Europe get out of the economic crisis and remain internationally competitive in science? This conference will take a critical look at all these issues, and distinguished speakers will give the audience an inside view of developments as Europe’s research world prepares for Horizon 2020.


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