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Comment and analysis

free articleCharities team up for open-access fund

Adam Smith

Pilot must tackle donor concerns over payments for publishing.

free articleScience is power


Smaller countries are using science to their advantage in the search for global influence.

free articleLib Dem leaders urged to clarify ring-fence pledge and stick to 2012 commitment

Adam Smith

Liberal Democrats have been lobbying party colleagues to stick to their 2012 plans and include an increase for science funding in their election manifesto.

free articleThe excellence agenda is a Trojan Horse for austerity

Funding a small percentage of applications is not a substitute for a properly supported career structure in research, says Sven Sewitz.

free articleScottish tech transfer rules are unfit for independence

The Scottish government’s efforts to get universities to give away their intellectual property risk reducing the nation’s research to the standard of its business, says John O’Dowd.

free articleRocky relationship with the public

Geological science is central to some of the most urgent issues faced by communities in the UK. Nic Bilham asks how researchers can best engage with debate and decision-making.

Job news

free articleBlack and minority ethnic academics set their sights high at first diversity forum

Improving the standing and numbers of black and minority ethnic academics in the UK is the main goal of a group holding its first conference on 8 October... Read more

free articleWatching the ministerial merry-go-round

A ministerial reshuffle is a moment of high drama that can make or break a politician’s career. But for a politics student viewing the event at close quarters, it gives invaluable insight into the mechanics of government... Read more

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