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free article Yes lobby says independence could close funding gaps


Scotland’s pro-independence academics have made a final push to show that a Yes vote in the 18 September referendum would be beneficial for the country’s research system.

free article Charity begins at home
Research Europe


Shrinking public research budgets are pushing universities to find philanthropic funding but, as Cristina Gallardo discovers, that’s easier said than done.

free article Horizon 2020 leaves humanities out in the cold
Research Europe


Horizon 2020 has failed to fully integrate the humanities into its work programmes, according to a report published by Science Europe on 4 September.


free article Galileo costs spiral as ESA admits misfired satellites cannot be recovered
Research Europe


The European Space Agency is this week trying to find new use for two expensive Galileo satellites, which it launched into the wrong orbits on 22 August.

free article Layers of sovereignty
Research Europe


“All classical accounts see England as the original and model nation state of modern times,” writes Tom Nairn, the Scottish nationalist and political theorist, in this week’s London Review of Books. “One way of looking at the 18 September vote is that it’s a sign of the end of this model.”

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Scotland decides


To download Research Fortnight's pull-out on research and the referendum, click here.

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