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free article Latvia prepares for tougher structural funds market


Latvia is planning to reduce the administrative burden faced by its research institutions in order to help the country win more EU funding, the government has announced.

free article Debate intensifies over CSA post


Environmental and health organisations have renewed their push to prevent European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker from appointing a chief scientific adviser.

free article By the numbers
Research Fortnight


Beyond Bibliometrics surveys the state of the art in efforts to measure scholarship. Stephen Curry is heartened by its critical approach.


free article Emirates sets up mentorships for budding scientists


The United Arab Emirates has created a mentoring programme to attract more students to careers in science and technology.

free article Blame game emerges over innovation divide
Research Europe


The European Commission and national researchers have clashed over whether the EU or national governments are to blame for deteriorating research conditions in southern member states.

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Scottish Independence Special

Scotland decides


To download Research Fortnight's pull-out on research and the referendum, click here.

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