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What is it?

Research Professional is our intuitive platform for online access to all our news and funding services. It provides access to your entire organisation through a convenient site licence. So you can subscribe to any of our services and you and all your colleagues will be able to access the services through Research Professional. It also provides sophisticated tools to help researchers and managers within an organisation work together more effectively. And increasingly it integrates with internal systems such as Current Research Information Systems to give users a seamless experience.

What does it do?

Research Professional provides two forms of access:

  • Campus access - we make a note of the part of the internet dedicated to your organisation - potentially across many different physical locations. From then on, anyone on campus can freely access Research Professional without the need for a password
  • Password access - While on campus, users can register for a password. After that, they can use the password to access Research Professional from home

The Standard tools on Research Professional enable users to:

  • Easily access our funding and news services. For example, simple-yet-powerful search makes it easy to find what you need
  • Personalise the service. For example, you can set up email alerts of funding opportunities or news in specific areas of interest
  • Share resources with other users. For example, a researcher in respiratory diseases can set up a list of leading funders in that area and share it with colleagues in their department

The enhanced Networked service provides additional tools to improve the flow of information and understanding across your entire institution. Contact our sales team for details.

Research Professional is only available to site licence customers. Individuals should instead subscribe to one of our paper publications.

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Features Available
Research Professional is available at two licensed levels, Standard and Networked.

Feature Standard Networked
Access to news and funding database alt alt
Customisable searches alt alt
Customisable email alerts alt alt
Dedicated technical support alt alt
Dedicated customer support alt alt
Administrator interface Standard Enhanced
Practical setup wizard Standard Enhanced
Content sharing tools Standard Enhanced
Reporting tools Standard Enhanced
Workgroup hierarchies alt
iCal funding calendar feeds alt
Content annotation alt
Customisable user magazines alt
Annual site visit alt

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Research Professional has consistently enabled our customers to achieve their goals – we’re confident that you’ll benefit immediately from the advantages our unique platform has to offer.

Feel safe in the knowledge that our site licence is backed up by free, dedicated e-mail and telephone support for research administrators - you could have your whole institution up and running in just half a day, with unlimited users across all your disciplines and faculties.

Join the thousands of researchers and research administrators across the globe currently using our system today, and see what Research Professional can do for you.

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